Where’s Inky the Hermit Woods Snails

Posted 10/07/11

As many of you know, our friend Inky has traveled the country visiting new places and sending his picture back for us to enjoy.  Now Inky is hiding in the photo below.  Find all the Inkys and let us know how many there are and be entered into a drawing to wine a free tasting glass on your next visit to Hermit Woods Winery.   Count the Inky’s and report the number as a comment to our “Find This can cause frustration, generic viagra without visa anxiety and disappointment, which affect his intimate relationship. Silagra is also not buy levitra no prescription to be taken with extreme care and caution. The elderly Full Report levitra price may be more delicate to the indications of Vardenafil; along these lines, alert is advised in this social undertaking. For this, users should note that the medication will only be able to get a prescription after having a strip in your hand, taking the medicine between 24 hours prior to the intercourse, not overdoing the medicine in any case Do not increase the dose without consultation cheap levitra tablets Take the tablet with full glass of water in empty stomach. Inky” post on our facebook page: www.facebook.com/hermitwoods. We will draw the winner before we open on Saturday October 8, so the winner can take advantage of the free glass this weekend.  Look closely, it is not as easy as it may appear (click on the image to view it full size)!

Find Hermit Wood Inky the Snail

Find Inky