Oprah Magazine says Hermit Woods is the one place not to miss in NH

Posted 06/05/19

The June issue of The Oprah Magazine offers 50 ways to love your summer, a state-by-state guide. The guide includes everything from an upside-down forest in Alaska; to Carhenge, a version of Stonehenge made of old cars in Nebraska; to a Galco’s Soda Shop in California that offers over 500 carbonated beverages; to French Fries in Maine.  However, what made the folks at Hermit Woods Winery so happy is that the one thing Oprah’s Magazine suggested you enjoy when you visit New Hampshire is their Petite Blue Reserve.

Bob Manley, Co-Founder of Hermit Woods, said that a member of The Oprah Magazine’s editorial staff contacted him several months ago and said they were looking for unique experiences in each of the 50 states. The editor reported that in her quest to discover what was unique about NH, numerous people suggested she should not miss Hermit Woods Winery. Bob said, “I spent almost an hour on the phone and told our story. Although she seemed very interested in what we were doing, I was hard-pressed to believe our little winery would be their pick for NH.”

You can imagine Bob’s surprise when his builder, Kurt Clausen, texted him last week congratulating him on the Hermit Woods story in the latest issue of The Oprah Magazine. Ken Hardcastle, Co-Founder and Winemaker, had this to say, “I couldn’t believe it. Of all the wonderful things in this great state, The Oprah Magazine chose to highlight our Petite Blue Reserve.  I was truly humbled.”

Hermit Woods Petite Blue Reserve is no stranger to fame. In 2014, Ray Isle shared it with Kathie Lee and Hoda on the Today Show, and in the Thanksgiving issue of Food & Wine Magazine, Mr. Isle called it out as his pick for the best craft beverage in New Hampshire.
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Petite Blue Reserve along with Petite Blue (a fruitier version that is not aged in French oak), is styled after Burgundian wines which are crafted from the Pinot Noir grape. Pinot does not grow in NH, so Ken Hardcastle uses wild Maine low-bush blueberries (a pound and a quarter of them in each bottle) along with classic French winemaking techniques to produce this award-winning wine that is bursting with fresh blueberry aromas and flavors.  

Both wines are widely available across NH and Petite Blue is in the NH State Liquor Stores. You can also purchase these and many other Hermit Woods wines directly in 38 states via the Hermit Woods website.