New Hampshire’s newest winery, Hermit Woods Winery, Opens to the public on June 25th at 11:00 am

Posted 06/13/11

June 13, 2010

Ken Hardcastle, Chuck Lawrence, and Bob Manley are about to fulfill a dream.  After many years of planning, a lot of hard work, and what the three of them would say have been some of the best times of their lives, Hermit Woods Winery will come alive.

Hermit Woods Winery

Celebrating our Long Awaited Opening Day!

Hermit Woods Winery, as described by its owners, is a small boutique winery specializing in a wide variety of traditional grape wines, fruit wines, mead (honey wine), and a number of new wines never before offered for sale in New Hampshire or anywhere for all they know.   Ken Hardcastle, their wine maker, says “with the wide variety of locally grown fruit available to us, the possibilities are infinite for the wonderful flavors that can be extracted, blended, and fermented into wine.” Ken goes on to say, “we hope that someday New Hampshire can become known for their own unique and complex wines, as is the case in so many famous wine regions of the world.”

Hermit Woods has a tasting room where the public will be invited to taste and purchase their many wines.   For their first year they will be offering Crabapple, Apple, and Blueberry Wine, along with a Three Honey Mead, and a Malbec made from South American grapes.   In addition, they will have about 14 other varieties for sale that include, Kiwi, Tomato, Rose Hip, Peach-Rosehip, and a multi-berry honey wine, just to name a few. Next year they hope to offer their first estate wine made from their own vineyard which is in it’s third year and weather permitting is on track to produce it’s first crop of grapes. Tours will be offered of the winery and vineyard upon request and when time allows.

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Bob Manley
p. 603.253.7968
c. 603.393.6971

Additional pictures available upon request.