Michael Mooney, a recent visiter to Hermit Woods Winery had this to say about his experience:

Posted 07/08/11

Posted July 4, 2011 by TwinGeekz Artz Project Written by  Michael Mooney

A long weekend = a delayed post…. My g/f and I stopped off at the The Hermit Woods Winery- (HWW) in Sanbornton, NH this past weekend to start along our 260 mile round trip around NH and MA. Yes, we were pretty tired, and I didn’t have time to upload any of the pictures to TGAP until now!

The Hermit Woods Winery- (HWW), is a great local find! Opening for official business 2 weeks ago, once visited, you would think they have been open for 6 months… which I did. The location is serene, as you follow the “snail trail” up to the winery, your mind is in a state of euphoria.  You’re surrounded by rich NH forest, kind minds, and eventually good wine!!

Aside from the amazing location, great people, and very cool company name/ logo…oh yes, they actually have the most unique wine combinations in the world!!!! Yes, the world!  HWW, uses fruits and vegetables grown locally as much as they can. The grapes are currently imported, however they are using Crab Apples, Rhubarb, Peaches, Kiwi, Tomatoes and various other fruits in there wines!!!

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The bottom line is, if you are in there area stop and have a chat and a tasting, and if you aren’t from the area… take a trip and make a weekend of it! To quote Will Smith, the Hermit Woods Winery, ” is doing it, doing it, and doing it right”!

Take care and happy wineing!