Ken Hardcastle, Co-Founder and Winemaker at Hermit Woods Winery & Eatery, Receives High Praise at East Coast Wine Summit.

Posted 08/11/23

Hermit Woods Winery & Eatery proudly announces that its Co-Founder and Winemaker, Ken Hardcastle, has received a remarkable honor. Ken was invited to represent the New Hampshire wine industry at the seventh annual East Coast Winemaker’s Summit. This exclusive gathering brought together renowned winemakers from across the East Coast, fostering the exchange of expertise, innovation, and the celebration of exceptional craftsmanship.

The event was held by Paul Vigna, Breaking, trending News Editor/Producer Writer, the Wine Classroom, and Joe Fiola, Professor and Specialist in Viticulture & Small Fruit at the University of Maryland. The event was held at Maryland’s newest winery, The Crossvines, a multipurpose agricultural tourism destination featuring a state-of-the-art winery designed to reduce barriers to entry in the wine industry. 

The following is an excerpt of an article written about the event by Paul Vigna |

How far has East Coast winemaking come? 7th summit offers a glimpse

Said Mark Chien, one of the attendees who from 1999 to 2014 worked for Penn State Cooperative Extension as the first wine grape extension educator before joining the Oregon wine industry for the next nine years: “The wines that I found most interesting and compelling were from Hermit Woods. They demonstrated a streak of creativity and originality that is inspirational. In a blind tasting I would have been puzzled by them but completely thought they were vinifera wines. They opened my eyes to the possibilities not only of fruit wine but flavored wines of nuance, character, and quality.”

Ed Lazzerini, a participant from Vox Vineti winery in suburban Philly, was equally complimentary, calling the Hermit Woods wine “eye-opening for me. I’m going to stick with vinifera given the potential of our site, but I was quite impressed by Ken’s wines.”

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