Hermit Woods Winery Goes High Tech!

Posted 04/08/15

Ken Hardcastle-WinemakerIf you think Hermit Woods Winery’s wine is good now, it’s likely to get a lot better very soon.  Thanks to an equipment loan from Meredith Village Savings Bank, Hermit Woods has upgraded its entire production line.

“We are always striving to make the best wine we can possibly produce, this new equipment will go a long way towards making that happen” says Ken Hardcastle, wine maker at Hermit Woods.  “We will be able to handle our fruit and wine more gently during production, have a cleaner, sterilized work environment, greater filtering capabilities, and an improved bottling line.” Says Ken, “ and this is just the beginning.”

Talking with Ken about all the possibilities now available to him, it is clear how excited and passionate he is about putting his new tools to work.  According to Ken, some of this new technology will put Hermit Woods on the cutting edge of wine making in New Hampshire.   One example of this is their new McClain Ozone Generator, an organic solution to optimal sterilization of the winery and winemaking equipment.

It’s not just about making better wine either, some of the new equipment will allow Hermit Woods to produce sparkling wine and cider for the first time.   They hope to have these new products available by this fall.
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The owners of Hermit Woods took the acquisition of this new equipment very seriously, spending over six months researching industry standards.  Their research brought them to California and the country’s largest wine conference, Unified.  “Attending Unified provided us the perfect opportunity to meet manufacturers first hand and choose the best equipment,” said Bob Manley.  While in California, the partners also took the opportunity to meet with wine makers from Napa and surrounding wine regions to learn from the best.

More recently, the Hermit Woods team attended the Eastern Winery Exposition in Syracuse, NY, where they again met with manufacturers and visited local wineries that have been making wine a lot longer than they have. “It is so exciting seeing what others are doing and aspiring to bring what we have learned to bear on our own wine” says Ken.

As Hermit Woods Winery enters their second year in their new home in Meredith, NH, they are eager to share the results of their new technology with their customers.  If you want to learn more about what they are up to, tours are available every Saturday and Sunday year round, Ken would be more than happy to show you around.