Hermit Woods Winery & Deli gets a mention in Wine Enthusiast Magazine:

Posted 01/06/20

Local Crops and Balanced Flavors: Meet the New Generation of Fruit Wine


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“A very strong bias against sweet fruit wine exists and is mostly deserved,” says Michael Terrien, co-owner of Bluet, a producer in Maine that makes a wild blueberry sparkling wine. “Fruit wines are often made by adding lots of cane sugar, both to jack the alcohol and to sweeten the wine. Large sugar additions make it very difficult…to represent the complexity and character of the fruit.”

Recently, however, serious vintners, inspired by American history and modern maker trends, have begun to ferment local fruit beyond typical wine grapes in dry styles. The results are balanced, thoughtful wines that might surprise traditional wine lovers.

From traditional-method blueberry bubbles to fermented apples that taste a lot like Chardonnay, a new era of fruit wines has arrived…

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