Hermit Woods Wine, Reveiwed by the Top Chef at The BALSAMS

Posted 07/01/11
Executive Chef The BALSAMS Grand Hotel

Exectutive Chef Berry

Recently, Chef Berry, the Executive Chef at The BALSAMS Grand Resort Hotel had an opportunity to taste and offer his feedback on a couple of Hermit Woods Wines.   This is what he had to say:



I have spent the past few days tasting your wines.  I have tried a bunch of different foods with them and here are the results.


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Crisp notes of fall and a light cider essence bring out the character of this “autumn anytime of year” wine.
Pairs well with aged cheddar cheese, roast chicken, smoked salmon, oysters, and light cream sauces.

Three Honey Wine-
Tastes like a “liquid meadow covered with wild flowers”, surprisingly complex floral background with slight honey notes, not too sweet.
Pairs well with caviar, butter sauces, white fish, spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, curry, coriander), also goes well with Asian style cuisine.


Thank you for bringing them.  They were both delicious and have their own personalities.  I found the apple tastes much better as soon as it is open, while the honey wine is better the next day.  Great job to your wine team, viniculture is an art like cooking, have fun, experiment, and enjoy the fruits or “fermented” fruits of your labor.