Hermit Woods Launches New Website after Two Years of Re-Branding

Posted 01/22/24

In October, Hermit Woods Winery & Eatery launched its long-awaited new website. Since Hermit Woods was founded in 2011, their old website and brand carried them through many changes and expansions, from starting the Master Bedroom in founder Bob Manley’s home to producing over 5,000 cases of wine a year, a full-service restaurant and a music venue in downtown Meredith. In 2021, Ken, Bob, and Chuck decided it was time to freshen up their brand and build a new website. 

Working with freelance designer and illustrator Deb Lucke and copywriter Paul Hartzell from New York, Hermit Woods founders wanted to put a sharper point on who they were and what Hermit Woods had become. Bob said, “We knew a lot had changed, but we also knew that we all still embodied the same values and passions that drove us to start Hermit Woods in the first place, and we didn’t want to lose that or the snail.” 

Deb and Paul spent many days and hours digging into the question of what Hermit Woods had become and who were these three guys after all. It was a long and time-consuming process,  but all three partners were so excited about what Deb and Paul came up with. Then came the task of putting their new vision into words and images and sharing with the rest of the world. 

Relying on Deb’s creative direction and illustration skills with Paul’s mastery of the English language (and others), the creative team recruited Steve Marsel, a Boston Photographer, to help them express their new ideas and identities visually. This led to a multi-week adventure traveling to Boston, swinging from a trapeze at Circus Arts in Summerville, standing on their head in a Boston Park, speeding through the woods being chased by Big Foot, and leasing the WickWas Grange on Meredith as a photo studio.  They spent the day shooting at Apple Hill Farm in Concord, Steve Cybulski, the Mustard Guy’s farm, and Genuine Local in Laconia. Throughout the photo shoot, Jennifer Dunlea handled costumes and set design. 

At the conclusion of the photo shoot, Deb and Paul, with the help of logo designer Emily Sylvester, who was responsible for the look of their new snail,  began the long task of compiling all the words and images into what would become our new brand and, eventually our new website. 

In June of 2023, the team contracted with Little Mountain, LTL.MTN.com, to bring their vision to life. After over two years, Deb Lucke, Paul Hartzel, and the Hermit Woods Team got their brand and website. Ken, Bob, and Chuck are basking in their newly defined identity of Proudly Contrarian and sharing their stories in a whole new way. However, you need not fear; they preserved their trusty snail, but not without a makeover.