Hermit Woods is featured on “East Coast Wineries” blog by Carlo DeVito

Posted 05/23/17

If you have any interest in learning about east coast wineries and distilleries, you need to follow the writings of Carlo DeVito. Carlo is a lifelong publishing executive who has traveled the wine regions of the world. He is the author of 15 books about dogs, sports, wine, and spirits.

But most importantly, Carlo has been scouring the east coast for years learning and writing about all things craft wine, and spirits. Most recently, Carlo has written about his experience with Hermit Woods Winery, a fun and witty piece that really gets to the heart of what we are all about. You can read Carlo’s piece about Hermit Woods here:

“Hermit Woods Winery- They Are Having Too Much Fun…and So Will You!”

You will also learn about some of his many other discoveries throughout the east on his blog.
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When Carlo is not writing about wines, and spirits, you can likely find him at his own winery, Hudson Chatham Winery, in upstate NY. Carlo is also the author of the Blog Hudson River Valley Wineries.