Hermit Woods gets conditional approval for event space!

Posted 12/21/18

Hermit Woods is very excited to announce the conditional approval from the town of Meredith for the development of our third floor into an event space. We still have some hurdles to jump through, but we are one step closer to holding events at Hermit Woods. We are working with K.A. Clason Fine Woodworking on the renovations.  We are also planning on including solar panels on our roof as part of the expansion and are currently working with Revision Energy to help us with this aspect of the project.

You can read about our approval here in the Union Leader. 

We have big plans for this new space including the ability to hold events, additional seating for our deli, and a listening room environment to offer world-class jazz, classical, and world music.  We will be designing sound and lighting fit for this type of environment, including a high-quality grand piano. We are currently in conversations with Jonathan Lorentz to help us bring the listening room part of this project to fruition.

We are also in talks with the events department at Mill Falls at the Lake to make our new event space available to Mill Falls guests and provide another unique in-town venue for their events department.
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We are in the hope of completing this project in 2019, however, there remains a lot of work to do make it happen.  Please stay tuned and we will keep you posted.