Hermit Woods featured in NH Magazine, May 2014

Posted 05/26/14

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Hermit Woods Winery now has a gorgeous new tasting room

By Susan Laughlin
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So happy to see a fledgling winery set roots and take flight. Hermit Woods Winery folks always had high passion for their process and products, but were limited by their backwoods tasting room carved out of owner Bob Manley’s gracious Sanbornton home.  With the new tasting room and winemaking facility on the real main street of Meredith, just a block west of Rte. 25, Manley and the other owners, Chuck Lawrence and winemaker Ken Hardcastle, have realized a dream. They now have significantly increased their capacity for making fruit based wines, many of which are balanced with local honey and indigenous to New England. Hardcastle is known to experiment with fermenting unfamiliar fruit, so you can find a Kiwi wine, a local fruit found on a shrub, and Knot Mead fermented with Japanese knot weed that grows unfettered along roadsides. New for the spring will be a Lake House White — peach-rhubarb wine fermented with rose hips in a Bordeaux style. A real standout is their Melange, a blend of blueberry, blackberries, elderberry and black currants designed as a complex sipping wine. Check their website for tasting room hours and locations for purchase, which include a few local farmers markets.