Hermit Woods Begins Canning Again

Posted 06/23/24

Hermit Woods Winery & Sweet Mercy Kitchen is thrilled to reintroduce canned wine, cider, and mead to our tasting room. With our recent acquisition of a new canning line, we can now regularly offer small-batch canned products. We’ve brought back your old favorites and introduced some exciting new additions. Stay tuned for more fun offerings in a can coming soon!

Ken and Ben, our winemakers, have been diligently searching for the best canning line suited to our scale. After selecting one of the newest lines in the industry from American Canning, we quickly put some of our latest products into cans for the summer. There’s no better way to enjoy our wine, mead, and cider while boating, hiking, or picnicking when a glass bottle isn’t practical.

Come by and try our new canned beverages, and if time permits, we’d love to show you our new canning line downstairs—we’re very proud of it.

Now available: Cranberry Apple Cider, Blueberry Apple Cider, Lavender and Honey Cider (new), Dolgo (Sparkling Heirloom Crabapple), and Winnipesaukee Rosé. These beverages are available in both our traditional cans and our new MS Mount Washington Tribute cans.