Facebook Live-Tour our new event space

Posted 04/10/20

Sunday, Apri 12th 2020
This presentation as already taken place. You can watch the presentation here: https://www.facebook.com/hermitwoods/videos/2589548837923872/

As many of you know, we are in the process of remodeling our third floor. We are very excited to be able to use this new space for events and added space for our tasting room and deli. But what we are most passionate about is the creation of the Hermit Woods Loft. A Listening Room where you will be able to enjoy concerts every Thursday evening along with other days year-round. We will be featuring jazz, folk, world music, and classical. 

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This space is not complete yet, but join me on my tour of a work-in-progress and envision with me what it might be like when finished. 

Thank you to the hard-working crew of KA Clason Fine Woodworking for making this happen for us.