Facebook live – Tasting the wines we sell in the NH State Liquor Stores

Posted 04/10/20

Facebook live, Tasting the wines we sell in the NH State Liquor Stores 
This event has already taken place. Watch this presentation here: https://www.facebook.com/hermitwoods/videos/2843502585765275/

Over the past few years, we have increased the number of our wines that you can purchase in the NH State Liquor stores. We now have six. Since these wines are readily available throughout NH, we will hold a Facebook live wine tasting of just those wines. These wines include our Heirloom Crabapple, Winnipesaukee Rosé, Petite Blue, Three Honey Gold (a mead), Hermit Hard Cranberry Apple Cider, and Deep Blue. If you would like to join us during these tastings, you can find all these wines in liquor stores throughout NH.

You can visit the NH Liquor Store’s website and search for Hermit Woods to find out which stores carry them.

Visit the events tab on our website, hermitwoods.com, to learn about other events we will be doing soon or watch past events we have recorded.

The following is the tasting sheet for this event.

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