Facebook Live Interview: Meet Dianne Carter, Owner of Uncorked

Posted 04/22/20
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This event has already taken place. Visit this link to watch the presentation: https://www.facebook.com/hermitwoods/videos/1330334227157028/

Join me on Facebook Live to meet Dianne, learn about her background, and the amazing wines she brings to the New England Market. 

Dianne founded Uncorked in 2012, a fully integrated wine and spirits wholesaler and importer based in Bedford, NH.  Her original mission was to educate the public about high-quality wines being produced right here in the North East. She has since grown to include quality wines from around the globe. There are excellent wines everywhere, and Dianne has set out to find them and bring them home to New England for everyone to enjoy.

Dianne has a portfolio of over 300 award-winning wines. She continues to discover new products to introduce to her ever-growing and discerning clientele. She and her Uncorked team rely on experience, knowledge, and industry relationships to help their producers find homes for their wines throughout New Hampshire & Maine.

Dianne says, “Good wine is not limited to specific regions or countries. Good wines can be found in places where you would not expect to find them and made from grapes you may not be familiar with. Our goal is simple: we are committed to introducing you to fabulous grapes, wineries, and harvests—ultimately, just wonderful wine in your glass!”

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