Facebook Live – An interview with Chuck Lawrence, Friend, Partner, and Pilot

Posted 05/13/20
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Friday, May 15, 2020

You can also watch this video on Hermit Woods Facebook Page

As most people know, Chuck Lawarence is one of our founding partners and has been on this journey with us since we started, and has been a close friend long before that. However, as Chuck’s first love is flying, along with helping us grow our company, he has been flying around the globe for United Airlines. As a result, many of our long time customers have not had the chance to get to know Chuck like we do. 

For that reason, we would like to spend some time letting you get to know the Chuck we know and love. Join us as we talk with Chuck and dig deeper into who he is and what makes him tic. 

Friday, May 15, 2020

Chuck was born in Exeter, NH and raised in Newfields and Tilton, NH. He attended Newfields Elementary School, Cardigan Mountain, Tilton, and finally, the University of NH in Durham, majoring in Forest Management.

His connection to NH runs in his blood. His ancestors were among the early settlers of New England arriving as early as 1630 in Portsmouth, Newburyport, and Boston.  Chuck has a deep sense of connection to and is inspired by the history of the local people, land, climate, and geography.  

Chuck was a US National Cycling team in the early 80’s and won the first US National Collegiate Road Cycling Championship in State College PA in 1985 for the University of NH. He was invited to attend training camps at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Later, as a member of the US National Cycling team, he competed in the Tour of Belgium, Australia, and New Zealand. Coming up 8 seconds short in the qualifying event, almost making 1988 Olympic Team Time Trail Squad.

Later, Chuck life went in a new direction as he began training to become a pilot and earning his commercial pilot rating in the early 90’s. This took him to Homer and Kenai Alaska where he became a bush pilot for the next five years. In 2000 he was hired by United Airlines to be a Boeing 737 pilot. 

Along the way, Chuck befriended Bob and Ken and delved deep into the world of wine with them. When the crash of 2008 devastated the Airline industry, Chuck’s career as a pilot was put on hold for a few years. This is when he joined Ken and Bob in the founding of Hermit Woods Winery, and the rest is history. Chuck returned to being a fulltime pilot again, but has been is still an integral part of Hermit Woods Winery every day!