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W4RP (Formerly Warp Trio)

Thursday, February 8

Experience an evening of exceptional music, delicious food, and fine wine in our intimate and relaxed setting

A bout the show:

“Every chamber music program needs this kind of energy. While the beginning and ending compositions by Haydn and Brahms provided expected pleasures, it was the W4RP’s own jazz/tango / classical works that gave the concert a kick in the pants.” — CAPE COD TIMES.

W4RP is an internationally touring cross-genre chamber music experience. A mashup of Juilliard-trained players and members steeped in rock and jazz styles; the one-of-a-kind trio can be seen performing classical works in prestigious halls on the same tour where they headline a standing-room-only show at a rock venue. In addition to their electrifying public performances, they have gained a reputation for their innovative educational workshops with students from grade school through university level.

Mikael Darmanie – piano

Josh Henderson – Violin

J.Y. Lee – Cello

Rick Martinez – Percussion

A Listening Room Experience

Hermit Woods is excited to bring talented artists from New England and beyond to perform for you. Each performance will provide you with an intimate, up-close, and personal experience with the performing artists. We ask our audience to please refrain from talking during the featured show. Your silence will allow the artists and the audience to immerse themselves in the experience, which is not otherwise possible in larger, noisier environments.

Doors open at 5:30 pm for a complimentary wine tasting. The Loft Doors open at 6:00. We encourage you to arrive early for our wine tasting and enjoy food and wine before the show. The kitchen will close at 7:00. When the featured artists take the stage, we will ask that the audience remain quiet during the performance. After the show, we invite you to interact with the artists and purchase any music or merchandise offerings if available.