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The “Judgment of NH.” A Blind Wine Tasting Event!

Sunday, January 14

Can Hermit Woods wine stand tall among world-class counterparts?

Embark on an exciting journey with founders Ken Hardcastle, Winemaker, and Bob Manley through a blind wine tasting as we pit a carefully selected Hermit Woods wine against five distinguished wines from renowned global regions. Enhancing your experience, indulge in a delightful selection of cheese and charcuterie.

Much like the historic ‘Judgment of Paris’ in 1976 that showcased California wines on par with classic French Bordeaux, we’re curious to see how Hermit Woods fruit wine fares against the esteemed vinifera wines of the world.

Join us for this engaging and enlightening event where YOU take on the role of judge.

To ensure an insightful tasting, participants will receive guidance on appreciating and scoring wines, including using the American Wine Society Wine Scoring Card. Throughout the tasting, guests will sample six wines and are invited to evaluate and score each.

To complement your tasting experience, Cheese and Charcuterie will served before and after the tasting. Guests achieving specific scoring benchmarks will receive special recognition and prizes at the event’s conclusion.