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Randy Roos’ Hall of Mirrors

Thursday, December 28

Experience an evening of exceptional music, delicious food, and fine wine in our intimate and relaxed setting

About the show:

Randy Roos currently serves on the guitar faculty at Berklee College of Music, and has delivered numerous musical scores for TV including Scientific American Frontiers and NOVA, among others.

The Hall of Mirrors features long-time acquaintances and bandmates Steve Hunt on piano, Tim Gilmore on drums, Mike Rossi on bass, and Dave Kobrenski on Fulani flute, ngoni, and percussion. Together, they will deliver music with minimal predetermined structure, but each piece exhibits a level of coherence and groove that belies that degree of freedom. These musicians have played together in a wide variety of environments, and a form of telepathy has developed that has led to what is probably best described as ‘spontaneous composition’ rather than ‘free jazz’.

Hall of Mirrors’ emphasis is on color, texture, and feeling and sometimes a meditative atmosphere, which were captured in two volumes of music, available at Amazon and most streaming outlets.

A Listening Room Experience

Hermit Woods is excited to bring talented artists from New England and beyond to perform for you. Each performance will provide you with an intimate, up-close, and personal experience with the performing artists. We ask our audience please refrain from talking during the featured show. Your silence will allow the artists and the audience to immerse themselves in the experience, which is not otherwise possible in larger, noisier environments.

Doors open at 5:30 pm for a complimentary wine tasting. The Loft Doors open at 6:00. We encourage you to arrive early for our wine tasting and enjoy food and wine before the show. The kitchen will close at 7:00. When the featured artists takes the stage we will ask that the audience remain quiet during the performance. After the show, we invite you to interact with the artists and purchase any music or merchandise offerings if available.