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Peter Downing Live in The Garden

Saturday, July 6

Join us in the Garden at 62 Maine Street on Saturday, July 6th, from 2:30 to 5:30
(Rain or shine, the show will move to the Loft in the event of rain). Enjoy tacos from Makn Ends Meat Food Truck, wine, slushies, local craft beer, and cocktails.

With over two decades in the music industry, Pete Downing has mastered a variety of instruments and genres. Beginning with percussion and trumpet, he eventually discovered his true passion in the strings of the guitar.

Pete’s songwriting process is deeply personal, often inspired by his own life experiences, captured on napkins in coffee shops or scribbled in well-traveled, tattered notebooks.

Many of his songs reveal his vulnerabilities, embodying his belief that music should reflect the human experience, which is often messy and complex. Through his music, Pete reassures listeners that they are not alone in facing life’s challenges and hardships.