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KR Collective 

Friday, July 5

(Tickets are free with a suggested donation)

Experience an evening of exceptional music, delicious food, and fine wine in our intimate and relaxed setting on the first Friday of every month.

(This performance operates on a donation basis, allowing you to assign a value to the experience that resonates with you. Your generous contributions directly support the performers, ensuring they receive 100% of the proceeds. While attending the show, you’ll have further opportunities to contribute if you wish.)

Please note that tickets purchased via Eventbrite will necessitate a minimum donation of one dollar. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Description: Every first Friday of the month, acclaimed guitarist Randy Roos and multi-instrumentalist Dave Kobrenski (Fula flute, djembe, ngoni) collaborate with a rotating cast of outstanding musicians to bring you a live musical experience like no other. This month, the KR Collective also features Mike Rossi (bass), Steve Hunt (piano) and Tim Gilmore (drums). 

Together, the KR Collective delivers dynamic performances that draw from their diverse musical backgrounds, which range from jazz, world, classical and beyond. Their music often has minimal predetermined structure, allowing for a type of creative spontaneity and freedom that goes beyond even “free jazz.” 

Over the years, these musicians have played in a wide variety of projects (often together), including Club d’Elf, Urethane, Donkilo Afro Funk, Hall of Mirrors, 7oddSeven, and many more. While they often draw song material from these sources, they have also developed a form of “musical telepathy” that permits them to transcend musical boundaries and bring the music to places that surprise even themselves—and that always delight the audience.

About the band / bios:

Randy Roos is an award-winning artist, composer, performer, and sound engineer. He has led and/or performed with such groups as Urethane, Orchestra Luna, Club d’Elf, Donkilo Afro Funk Orchestra, and many others. He has been featured in Guitar Player and Electronic Musician magazines, was awarded a Latin Grammy, nominated for an Emmy, and composed for the PBS series Scientific American Frontiers and Nova. He is the owner of Squam Sound Recording and Production and currently serves on the guitar faculty at Berklee College of Music.

Dave Kobrenski is a multi-instrumentalist, performer, artist, and author of three books on West African music and culture. For two decades, Dave traveled almost yearly to West Africa to study with master musicians, including world-famous djembéföla Famoudou Konaté. For more than a decade, Dave apprenticed in West Africa as a flute player and maker with Lanciné Conde, a master of the Malinké flute. A dynamic performer, Dave plays the Fula flute, kamale ngoni and djembé with his main project, Afroflute. He also performs throughout the Northeast with various other projects, including Sayon Camara and Landaya, pianist Jed Wilson, jazz guitar virtuoso Randy Roos, and Donkilo Afro Jazz. He makes occasional appearances with Barika from Burlington, VT.

Steve Hunt was the keyboardist with Allan Holdsworth’s group for many years and several albums.