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Audry Drake Live in the Garden at 62 Main

Saturday, July 27

Join us in the Garden from 3:00 to 6:00 to see Audry Drake perform (The show will be in the Loft in the event of rain). Enjoy tacos from Makn Ends Meat Food Truck, wine, beer, slushies, and cocktails.

Years of hard work, classical training, and real-life experience fuel her original music. Haunting melodies and soulful lyrics transport you to a place where only you, the music, and life’s journey exist.

Audrey’s stage presence is warm, authentic, and relatable. Her lyrics weave tales of old family history and personal experiences, enhanced by gorgeous melodies, an expressive velvet voice, and fine guitar playing. The listener is drawn in, eager to hear every evocative word and tone.

Audrey’s music is also influenced by her spiritual journey. Whether performing on festival stages, in yoga spaces, or at Kirtan events, her unique voice and contemplative lyrics touch hearts and offer healing.

Combining a truly unique musical style with formal study and a desire to tell stories that resonate with us all, an evening with Audrey Drake is like an evening spent with one of the great soulful singers of our time.

“Songs heard in the heart” – Adine Storer