Clark Smith, Postmodern Winemaking Symposium, Attended by Ken Hardcastle and Chuck Lawrence

Posted 12/16/13


Ken Hardcastle, Clark Smith, Bonnie Morrison, Chuck Lawrence

Ken Hardcastle, Clark Smith, Bonnie Morrison, Chuck Lawrence

Clark Smith, author of Wine & Spirits Magazine’s 2013 Wine Book of the Year, Postmodern Winemaking hosted a postmodern winemaking symposium yesterday in New York.  Our winemaker, Ken Hardcastle, and partner Chuck Lawrence had the good fortune to be able to attend along with a small group of wine makers, winery owners, sommeliers, wine writers, and wine aficionados.

Over twenty wines were tasted during the event including Hermit Woods Petite Blue Reserve, the only fruit wine in the group.  Much to our delight, our Petite Blue was very well received by all in attendance, including a reputable wine writer and critic, Lisa Granik, as well as Clark Smith himself.   In one case, our blueberry wine was thought to be a Sarah, before being identified as a blueberry wine.
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Needless to say, this was a very special opportunity for us.  It is not every day a small local New Hampshire winery has the opportunity to share their wine amongst some of the top producers in the northeast and with one of the most respected voices in the wine industry.   Even more important, to be the producer of the only fruit wine present, and have it be received as well, this was a real milestone for us.

And to top it off, Hermit Woods got a mention in a write up by the popular British Wine Writer, Stuart Pigott:  More extraordinary still was the 2012 Petit Blue from Hermit Woods in Meredith/New Hampshire, which provoked a lot of discussion when served blind. However, nobody got the reason for the great berry aromas: It had actually been made from wild blueberries. “I heavily manipulated it!” winemaker Ken Hardcastle with a wry smile. However, it did not taste one dimensionally fruity (there were some discrete tannins) and it had great balance. Maybe I’m amazed!”

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