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Commitment to Community

For over twelve years, Hermit Woods Winery & Eatery has remained dedicated to supporting our community and championing environmental stewardship. Since our establishment opened in 2011, we’ve proudly contributed tens of thousands of dollars and in-kind donations to various local charities and organizations in New Hampshire.

Charitable Request Form:

We invite you to reach out to Hermit Woods Winery & Eatery using the form below for inquiries regarding charitable donations or community events.

Please Note: Requests should be for events within the next three months. For events beyond this timeframe, kindly bookmark this page and return to submit your request three months in advance.

We appreciate your understanding as we strive to carefully consider each request. Our aim is to respond to every inquiry within three weeks.

Thank you, and we wish you the best of luck with your event.

    Mailing address where donation should be sent

    Priority is given to NH-based charities

    IE discounts, gifts, gift cards, wine tastings (must have a wine license), etc.