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A Preview Of Our Petite Blue Reserve VERTICAL Tasting

Posted 02/04/24

On Monday, February 5th at 5:30, we will preview the event we will be holding on Sunday, February 18, when Winemaker Ken Hardcastle and Co-Founders Bob Manley immerse you in a journey through five distinct vintages, spanning from 2017 to the current release in 2021. This exclusive event extends beyond the usual vertical tasting by including a rare 2012 vintage and the precursor to Petite Blue Reserve, Boathouse Blue, from 2016.

Petite Blue Reserve is one of Hermit Woods’s most famous wines. It was featured on the Today Show. It was identified by Ray Isle, Executive Editor of Food and Wine Magazine, as the best craft beverage in New Hampshire and by Oprah Winfrey as the one you should not miss if you visit New Hampshire.

In this unique tasting, discover how aging, diverse growing conditions, and meticulous cellar choices have shaped each vintage. While traditional vertical tastings highlight the impact of nature on grapes, our approach at Hermit Woods diverges. Petite Blue Reserve, crafted from wild blueberries, allows for more significant winemaking influence, with cellar decisions playing a pivotal role.

Delve into the discussion during the event, where we explore the evolving fruit flavors, emphasizing not only the influence of nature but also the meticulous steps taken in the cellar. Uncover the fascinating nuances brought about by age, offering a comprehensive understanding of each bottle. Don’t miss this opportunity to savor and learn in-depth about the intricacies of Petite Blue Reserve.