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Meet Brad Chase, Former Owner of Highland Wine Merchants

Posted 04/22/24

I first met Brad last year when he and his wife were enjoying lunch at our winery. Upon learning that Brad had a background in the wine trade, I extended an invitation to show him around and share some of our wines. Since then, Ken and I have had several opportunities to spend time with Brad, sharing our mutual passion for wine. Brad has even become a member of our wine club and has attended one of our wine education experiences. With his wealth of knowledge about wine, we thought you might enjoy meeting him, too. Join us on Monday, May 6th, for our Proudly Contrarian Monday Night Live show to meet Brad and join in the conversation.

Brad Chase is the founder of Highland Wine Merchants LLC, a former wine/spirits importer and brokerage in the state of New Hampshire. The company’s portfolio included wines from Argentina, France, Italy, Lebanon, and Spain as well as California, New York, and Washington in the United States. Before entering the wine trade, Brad was an international marketing and sales professional during which time he had the opportunity to taste wine in a number of the world’s leading wine producing areas.”