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Meet Adam Huss, Podcaster, Vintner, Vitaculturast Author and more…

Posted 02/13/24

A few months back, Adam discovered our winery and graciously invited us as guests on his podcast, Beyond Organic Wine. From the very start of our conversation, it was evident that a meaningful connection was in the making. Since then, we’ve stayed connected with Adam, exchanging wines, fostering a budding friendship, and delving into shared adventures. Now, we’re thrilled to introduce Adam to you. Join us on Monday the 19th to delve into Adam’s world and his captivating journeys.

Adam is the host and producer of Beyond Organic Wine podcast (originally the Organic Wine Podcast), which starts its fifth season in 2024 with a library of over 140 episodes. Adam is also the co-founder and winemaker for Centralas Wine, an ecologically-centered winery based in South Los Angeles. Adam has been writing about wine since 2004, making wine since 2007, growing wine since 2011, and is certified in permaculture design. He designs winegardens and wineforests, and loves all kinds of vitiforestry and grazing-based polycultures.