New England’s End of Summer Wine Dinner at The BALSAMS

Posted 08/03/11

A night to be remembered forever!

The BALSAMS Hermit Woods Wine Dinner

The BALSAMS Grand Resort Hotel


The BALSAMS Dining

Hale Dining Room

: a significant occurrence or happening, a social gathering or activity,

French, probably ultimately from Middle English grom groom, connoisseur, epicure
: a connoisseur of fine food and drink.

Spanish, from past participle of aficionar to inspire affection,
:a person who likes, knows about, and appreciates a usually fervently pursued interest or activity.

The BALSAMS Grand Resort
Hermit Woods Winery Dinner
August the 28th, 2011

An incredible culinary event that will be the highlight of wine connoisseurs and gourmands alike.  The evening starts with a sparkling aperitif specially blended by our expert wine stewards. You will then retire (with the rest of the lucky guests) to the famous BALSAMS Hale Room for the “Meet The Wine Makers Cocktail Reception”.

The BALSAMS scallop dish

Scallop Dish

Everyone will then be seated to enjoy this intimate gastronomic food and wine experience.  The meal will feature a

Hermit Woods Wine

Hermit Woods Wine

9-course tasting menu that is unique to this evening only. The menu incorporates seasonal, luxurious selections from Executive Chef Berry’s inspiration, paired with the exceptional wines from the acclaimed, local Hermit Woods Winery.

The BALSAMS Hermit Woods Wine Dinner

The BALSAMS Hermit Woods Wine Dinner Menu

Cost: $30.00 per person added to your reservation or $85.00 for just the dinner if you are not staying at the Hotel.

Reserve a Room: To spend the night at the Hotel and take full advantage of everything the hotel as to offer includeing:

Comfortable Accommodations
Full Buffet Breakfast
Famous Luncheon Buffet
Five-Course Dinner in The BALSAMS Award-Winning Dining Room
Boat Rentals
Golf Greens fees, with unlimited play on 27-holes, including day of arrival and departure!
Live Entertainment
And More!

Click here to view The BALSAMS rates

or Call

(800) 255-0600 to make a reservation

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