Posted 02/11/12

A wonderful experience: the opportunity to blend separate wines into something beyond the sum of the parts.Hermit Woods Red Scare Wine

This year I had available BLUEBERRY wine (tiny, wild, low bush berries fermented cool with a French red wine yeast to capture all the goodness), BLACKBERRY wine (wild, hand foraged, NH blackberries also fermented cool and with a French yeast strain), BLACK CURRENT wine (cassis berries hand picked by Maya and I in Canterbury last Fall at peak ripeness … fingers stained with black-red juice …), and THREE HONEY wine (yes, our award winning blend of three honeys, including some from my own bee hives).

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After I recovered from my rapture, I gave myself a few days and then went back and remixed some more trials, with 1% differences from that combo, separately of each component, to see if that made a difference and sure enough, that 37:30:28:5 combo was the sweet spot…. so, a big batch was soon blended up, in those proportions, and is now melding in a stainless tank awaiting bottling … we will try to age this one as long as we can, but it is drinking so nicely, I am sure we will have to release some this spring.  CHEERS – Ken