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Richard Leahy

HERMIT WOODS MELANGE (melomel),  March 2014- by Richard Leahy

Nose: wonderful aromas, briar fruits but with more complexities in the background; floral honey notes. Palate: an amazing blend of bright red fruits, spice/honey/floral notes, and electric acidity balancing sweetness to a “zero sum” poise of fruit and acid. Very young; would like to see this evolve with bottle age. The spice notes are cinnamon, coriander, cardamom, with a hint of fennel.

This is not a sweet wine, but a connoisseur’s blend fit to be laid down to age, and match with fresh figs and well aged goat cheese. This could be a grand cru creation for the North country.


Deep Blue by Hermit Woods Winery

A brilliant version of a fruit wine interpretation of ruby port. Nose: bright, clean, fresh and ripe very true to form blueberry fruit, no funk or volatile acidity, with some lifted (but appropriate) alcohol to preserve freshness.

Palate: Impressive fruit/acid balance and incredibly smooth texture. Alcohol well integrated. Very harmonious, pure and smooth, true to the fruit while avoiding the cloying of lesser fruit based wines and no coarse alcohol burn.. Not only an excellent model for a fruit port, but also for grape-based ruby ports.

Following the gentle pressing of our 2012 Chilean Carmenere and Syrah grapes, we took the remaining fruit, still containing plenty of color, flavors, and tannins, added the right amount of water and sugar for a simple red table wine and let it re-ferment to dryness. Aged in an American Oak barrel for many months to give it greater concentration and tannins. To learn more visit us at

Kayly Nyman
“Before I get to the wines themselves, one of the best parts about visiting Hermit Woods Winery was the people and atmosphere. They make you feel right at home regardless of your knowledge of wines or wine-making. Always eager to share their process and information about the wines, they don’t mind if you have no experience with wine or if you’re a connoisseur. The wines were deliciously crisp; every flavor was a new experience. Their fresh ingredients really shine through – I can’t wait to bring more family and friends for a visit!”

Elaine Seibel
“Richard and I spent a lovely couple of hours tasting some of the wines at Hermit Woods Winery in Sanbornton. We met the owners, Ken, Bob and Chuck, who so graciously brought out an assortment of 8 wines to the lawn area, because I could not climb the stairs to the wine tasting room. I was able to tour the wine making area. The wines were crisp, clean and wonderful tasting. It was hard to choose a bottle to take home, but we bought a Crabapple Wine. It is beautiful ride there and well worth the trip.”

Alberta Childs
“I like to refer to your wines as gourmet, not your usual off the shelf variety. I enjoy them so much that when freinds and family come to visit I bring they over for a tasting. My favorites are Blueberry, Apple and Crab Apple. Thank you for the love that goes into wines. It truly shows.”

Sally Freeman
“Beautiful grounds, wonderful wines, pleasant owners who have a real love of what they do! It shows in the product, display and in the enthusiam they have while describing their product and winery. We will be back!”

Ryan Pogue
“First class tasting bar – Hermit Woods has created an ambience that rivals many small vintners in the NW. Knowledgeable, creative and delicious! Hope you had a “grape” season!”

Danette Perez
“Hermit Woods winery pairs informative, friendly wine makers with wonderfully blended wines. Both the location, set in a peaceful nook of NH woodlands, and the tasting room are very charming. To top it off, Hermit Woods incorporates many local ingredients into their wines. A great place to relax, learn, support local and taste some great wines. I will be coming back very soon!”

Pamela Szurek
“An exquisite winery. From the guard frog (sculpture) to the guard dog (so calm she resembled the frog!) to the grape vines curling around the stairs, the entrance to the tasting room was enchanting. The fruit wines were all so interesting, and the stories of their origins helped understand their “voices”. Not sure which is my favorite, so I guess I will have to come back to check more than the ones I bought. Which I am “tasting” over and over and over and…”

Mariane Sokolich Ruvinsky
“My husband and I arrived at your winery 10 minutes before closing. The grounds were absolutely beautiful!! Despite getting there late in the day, we were greeted as though we were the first one’s there. The wines were great. I was surprised by the fruit wines, but our favorites were the Blueberry and Apple! The owners were so friendly and informative and we enjoyed listening to how Hermit Woods Winery came to be! We will definitely be back again every time we come to Steele Hill Resorts and we will share our experience with our friends! Thank you so much for a great wine tasting experience!!”

Carlene Gadapee
“Lovely setting, knowledgeable and personable winemaker, and delightful range of wines to sample…perfect!”

Fran Smith
“Thank you for a great wine and a friendly, fun & knowledgeable winery to visit. Our daughter Kim insisted we come in for a tasting to this really friendly winery she found that had great fruit wines. So we joined her for a visit to Hermit Woods and found it to be all she said and much more! You brought such excitement & love for wine making to our tasting and the wines were delicious. Where has Crab Apple wine been all my life!!”

Eli Badger
“My wife and I visited Hermit Woods early this summer and were pleasantly surprised. The grounds were beautiful, the walk to the tasting room was well kept. It was a pleasure to hear the story of the Winery and the tasting was even better. Looking forward to a return visit.”

Mike Arnts
“beautiful location, a bit hard to find, welcoming crew, informative vintner, great wines, not enough Kiwi wine. Hope to see it again. Was first there on first day and welcomed like a long lost brother. Wines were very good and hope to get back there soon. See you at the Rochester fair grounds”

Laurie Houghton Pollock
“What great wines! We were surprised by the fruit wines. They are not too sweet and as a result can be paired with many of the same foods that traditional grape wine can be paired with. We loved all 6 wines that we tasted and ended up leaving with a case to share with our family and friends. So far, the blueberry and apple wines are our favorites. Thank you for your great hospitality during our visit. We can’t wait to come back again during our next visit.”
Laurie and Jon from Berkley, MA

Kevin Cody
“We had a very nice time tasting the wines. The setting is also very beautiful. We look forward on our next visit to Steele Hill Resorts so we can taste some more wines. We have already told some of our friends about this.”
Kevin and Terry
Manchester, NH

The New Hampshire Union Leader

“Tasting Notes” by Jim Beauregard

Hermit Woods Meadery Foch Honey Wine, Honey doesn’t automatically mean sweet, and this creation of the Hermit Woods Meadery combined 64% Marechal Foch, the cold climate red grape you can often find here in the Granite State, 26% honey and 10% blackberry wine.  Clear and of medium-minus intensity, purple with a clear rim (no vintage given on the bottle), it has both fruit and floral aromas, an off dry palate (meaning there’s just the slightest little hint of sweetness but for all intents and purposes it can be considered a dry wine), medium acidity, medium to light body, making it a good summer wine, medium flavor intensity on the palate that included honeysuckle, blossom, redcurrant, strawberry, and blackberry in subtle and harmonious balance, and medium length on the finish.  Pair with summer salads, and light grilled fare.  Serving it with just the slightest chill makes it a perfect summer companion.

New Hampshire Magazine

July 2011

Click here to download a pdf of the story

New Hampshire Magazine, July Issue


Executive Chef The BALSAMS Grand Hotel

Exectutive Chef Berry

The BALSAMS Grand Resort Hotel’s Executive Chef, Josh Berry offer his thoughts on a couple of Hermit Woods Wines.

Apple Wine
“Crisp notes of fall and a light cider essence bring out the character of this “autumn anytime of year” wine.
Pairs well with aged cheddar cheese, roast chicken, smoked salmon, oysters, and light cream sauces.”

Three Honey Wine
“Tastes like a “liquid meadow covered with wild flowers”, surprisingly complex floral background with slight honey notes, not too sweet.
Pairs well with caviar, butter sauces, white fish, spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, curry, coriander), also goes well with Asian style cuisine.”

Crabapple wine
This wine reminds me of the candy apples you would get at the harvest fairs all over New England.  Wonderfully sweet flavor balanced by great acid and finished with the beautiful color of a French Rosé.  Pairs well with barbecued chicken, roast duck, grilled hamburgers, and would be perfect for Thanksgiving roast turkey.

Blueberry Wine
The flavor of this wine is like a collision of wild Maine blueberry jam and French Burgundy.  This wine has an amazing nose and the first sip is like the best blueberry juice you’ve ever had; let is sit and the Pinot Noir notes certainly prevail.  Pairs well with roast chicken or duck, brie cheese, mushroom dishes, and exceptionally well with pan seared salmon


Michael Mooney, a recent visiter to Hermit Woods Winery had this to say about his experience:

Posted July 4, 2011 by TwinGeekz Artz Project Written by  Michael Mooney

A long weekend = a delayed post…. My g/f and I stopped off at the The Hermit Woods Winery- (HWW) in Sanbornton, NH this past weekend to start along our 260 mile round trip around NH and MA. Yes, we were pretty tired, and I didn’t have time to upload any of the pictures to TGAP until now!

The Hermit Woods Winery- (HWW), is a great local find! Opening for official business 2 weeks ago, once visited, you would think they have been open for 6 months… which I did. The location is serene, as you follow the “snail trail” up to the winery, your mind is in a state of euphoria.  You’re surrounded by rich NH forest, kind minds, and eventually good wine!!

Aside from the amazing location, great people, and very cool company name/ logo…oh yes, they actually have the most unique wine combinations in the world!!!! Yes, the world!  HWW, uses fruits and vegetables grown locally as much as they can. The grapes are currently imported, however they are using Crab Apples, Rhubarb, Peaches, Kiwi, Tomatoes and various other fruits in there wines!!!

Wines are reasonably priced as well, especially because they are making small batches and doing everything by hand!!

The bottom line is, if you are in there area stop and have a chat and a tasting, and if you aren’t from the area… take a trip and make a weekend of it! To quote Will Smith, the Hermit Woods Winery, ” is doing it, doing it, and doing it right”!

Take care and happy wineing!


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    First class tasting bar – Hermit Woods has created an ambience that rivals many small vintners in the NW. Knowledgeable, creative and delicious! Hope you had a “grape” season!

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