Old Vine Foch

collecting extracting Honey at Hermit Woods Winery

Extracting Honey

This is a pyment: a honey wine made with wine grapes.  Using Marachel Foch grapes from Ken’s backyard vines, some of which were planted over 35 years ago, and combined with honey extracted from bee hives that Ken maintains in his backyard too.  A truly local, truly unique wine from a 1789 homestead.  These vines are NEVER sprayed and have been here for so long … so the natural yeast on the grapes is allowed to inoculate the must to add unique flavors unavailable anywhere else in the world.  In addition, no separation of minor amounts of hive materials are made, such that the flavor and healthful components found in pollen and propolis are also incorporated into the wine, much like the wines of the ancients.
Every step in the process is done raw and by hand to capture all the goodness and potential of the exceptional materials. This is an intense wine with very unique flavors and aromas.  It is drinking well now, and will continue to age for many years, revealing more black cherry notes and obtaining a smoother mouth feel and depth of flavors with time.
Harvesting Grapes at Hermit Woods Winery
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