Maple Blue

Maple Sugaring at Hermit Woods
Somewhat similar to our Pinot Blue but instead of sugar and water (because blueberries on their own will not ferment to 11% alcohol), we use 100% maple sap from our sugar maple trees here at Hermit Woods,Hermit Woods Winery, sugaring concentrated over a wood-fired syruping pan. The blueberries and maple sap are fermented with a Rhone yeast strain at about 70F, co-inoculated with a malolactic culture and pushed through secondary malolactic fermentation to remove the malic acid … the same process used in the vinification of fine big red wine grapes, such as merlot and cabernet.  This wine is then aged in an oak barrel for additional tannins and flavor components.Wild Maine Low Bush blueberries used in Hermit Woods Wine
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