Knot Tomato Wine

Heirloom Tomatos used in making Hermit Woods Tomato wineBoth a cooking wine and a nice drinking wine, this one will surprise you as it is bursting with fresh and aromatic tomato flavors.   Another completely locally sourced, whole fruit/vegetable, complex and unique Hermit Woods creation.  This wine is made from five different varieties of fresh whole tomatoes from local Kreb’s Farm here in Sanbornton: Old German Bi-Color, Sungold, Golden Yellow, Juliet, and Pink Burgundy.  Two separate tomato wines are made and then combined post-fermentation to maximize depth and complexity.  The tomatoes are fermented as whole fruit and then gently strained from the wine to capture all of the health benefits and intensity of flavors.
Japanese Knotweed
In addition, we blend in a wine made from the healthful, resveratrol-containing Japanese Knot Weed and tangy, oxalic acid containing rhubarb – giving this wine added health benefits and balancing acidity.  The Japanese Knot Weed is an invasive plant, but one that is being more and more recognized for its healthful and edible uses.
Making Tomato Wine at Hermit Woods Winery
This wine is an excellent complement to grilled fish and/or roasted veggies or use it to infuse complex and lasting tomato flavors to your favorite sauce.

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