Heirloom Crabapple

Our signature wine … first batch (2008) was based on Bob and Jerilyn’s tree, here at the winery.  These Dolgo crabapples are an heirloom variety, originally from Kazakhstan and introduced here several hundred years ago.  They are relatively large for crabapples, beautiful, sweet, tart and tannic … perfect fruit for an exciting wine.

dolgo carbapples, hermit woods winery

Dolgo Crabapples from Scott Farm in Vermont








As with all our wines, the fresh whole fruit is gently handled and processed raw with emphasis on getting the full fruit characteristics into the bottle.  Source of the fruit for our Crabapple

wine this year is from the tree here at the winery and also from Scott Farm in Vermont, where they note that during harvest the crew will often use these crabapples to suck on for a boost to help finish filling that last apple bin late in the day.

This off-sweet, tangy wine is a great aperitif and also an excellent partner with a wide variety of foods, including spicy dishes, light meals, breads, etc. …. Some enjoy it over ice … as a boost to help finish the day.

Also available as a sparking wine Heirloom Sparkling Crabapple

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The Making of Crabapple Wine

The videos below are actual time lapse videos of four key steps in the making of our crabapple wine. From crushing our 2011 crabapples in preparation for fermentation to filtering, bottling, and putting it away to age. At the end of the first time lapse you will see us begin our pear apple wine.

Crushing 1200 lbs of Dolgo Crabapples

Filtering the Finished Crabapple wine

Bottling the Crabapple Wine

Putting the Crabapple up to Age