Harvest Apple

Apple pressing in Sanbornton with friends of Hermit woods winery

Fall Apple Pressing

Annually a group of local friends assemble at our friends the Zimmer’s house here in Sanbornton to make cider from apples we have collected from our own and others’ apple trees.  A wide variety of apples expressing the terroir of the greater Sanbornton Area are handled by many through washing, cutting, crushing, and pressing to produce wonderfully complex and robust cider … and each year, true to nature, the cider is different.  This ‘Sanbornton Cider’ is combined with Heirloom cider from Apple Hill Farm in Concord NH, a fresh, raw cider with great balance and sweetness, and when available we also combine a small percentage of an heirloom apples grown at Scott Farm called the

Friends of Hermit Woods Fall Apple Pressing

Cleaning Apples

Roxbury Russet.  An ‘old leathercoat,’ this is a classic cider apple grown in New England, France and England to make superior ciders specifically for wine … the Roxbury adds a depth and full quality to the wine.  In some years, we also add Dolgo Crabapples and Quince for flavor and aroma. The ciders were blended and gently processed … fermented cool to preserve the fresh fruit aromas and flavors.  To enhance the depth of flavor and round-out the apple flavors, for many months the wine is left on its fine lees (a well known “sur lee” process).  This cider wine is excellent on its own and also pairs well with light and spicy foods, including appetizers, shrimp cocktail, or spinach pie.  It is the best wine we know of to have with lobster.  Serve this off-dry wine chilled.