Crabapple Honey

Building on the wonderful natural acidity and pectic dryness of the Dolgo Crabapples we combine these locally foraged ones with local raw honey to provide a complex, off dry wine with long aroma, flavor, and finish. These Dolgo crabapples are an heirloom variety, originally from Kazakhstan and introduced here several hundred years ago.  They are relatively large for crabapples, beautiful, sweet, tart and tannic … perfect fruit for an exciting wine.  As with all our wines, the fresh whole fruit is gently handled and processed raw with emphasis on getting the full fruit characteristics into the bottle.
4lb/gallon dolgo crabapples, washed and chopped
2.5lb/gallon wildflower honey, raw and unfiltered
1 to 1.5g/L wine yeast, hydrated at pitch (I like Lalvin D47 and/or K1-V1116)
start with half the honey, all the fruit, and about 0.5g/L yeast nutrient
ferment at about 65F
after 3 days of good fermentation, add remaining honey and another 0.5g/L nutrient
remove fruit after about 5 days – do not press at all, drip drain only
after primary is complete, rack off into CO2-filled container and add 50 ppm sulfite and age at least 4 months; rack again prior to final blending into CO2-filled container
prior to bottling, add 3-5% elderberry wine to add flavor depth and rose color
also add 50g/L honey or to taste for balance of acidity
add 0.1g/L sorbate, make sure sulfite at 30+ ppm and/or sterile filter at bottling.

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