Hermit Woods Winery created a Kickstarter campaign in December 2013. The campaign was fully funded on January 18, 2013, raising over $29,000 for the remodeling of our new home in Meredith NH.

A very special heartfelt thanks you to everyone who supported our Kickstarter campaign
(the people listed below and the many people who supported us anonymously)

Adrienne and Chris Prasso
Alberta Childs
Alex and Luke (.com)
Algomah Meadery
Amy Kane
Andrea Knox + Michael Scott
Andy Gribbel
Andy Lawrence
Ann S. Wickerham
Anthony & Sandra Sabutis
Arlene and Mitchell Taranow
Attorney Shawn J. Sullivan
Bev & Liz Lapham
brenda carey
Brian and Mary Baxter
Calvin J Root
Carolyn and Arnold Robbins
Carrie F. Reed
Carrie Ann Reed
Cask & Vine
Charlene Gay
Chris and Theresa Dolloff
Chris Toth and Idgy Menzies
Christine Bedson
Clay Baker
Clive & Rosemary Perry
D. Scott & Kristin Stewart
Dan Manley
Dave & Sherry
Deb Steadman
Denise & Fred Naiva
Denise Caristi
Dotty Treisner, PhD
Doug & Jan Tanner
Eli and Mardean Badger
Ellen Mulligan
Ernie and Edie Gault
Ethan Lawrence
Fine Wine Designs
Gary & Jacqueline Cieszynski
Gary Armitage
George T. Marshall & Lawrence J. Andrade
Gerry Boeckmann
Gladys Hardcastle
Bryan and Johanna Halperin
Glenna and Jonathan Lee
Gloria de Luna
Heitzman Family
Jason and Amanda Turner
Jeff and Melanie Marsden
Jill and Jim Hicks
Jim and Janet Tidrick
Joan Quinn, Troy and Jack Wollwage
John & Ginny Carran
John and Barb Hawkins
John Anderson
John Edgcomb
John T Wilson Jr
Jon & Tracey Rich/Cybertron, Inc.
Joy Orlando
Joyce D. N. Jones
Julie Dewdney
Karen and Fran Maineri
Karen Bobotas
Karen Hakansson
Karl and Carolina Fleischmann
Kathie Weldon
Kenneth I Hardcastle
Kevin & Laura Conway
Kimberly Javen
Lake House at Ferry Point B&B
Laura E Broderick
Laura M Placentino
Laurel Marie West
Laurie Evans
Lee’s Candy Kitchen
Lily Cennamo
Liz Cutler, fine arts
Liz O
Lori & Mark Borrin
Marilyn Bean
Mark and Tami Donohoe
Marshall B. Hatch III
Martin Earley
Mary Appia
Max Schwarz
Merrill Blueberry Farms
Michael LaRoss
Mike & Jackie Chevallier
Mike and Cynthia Gengras
Minglewood Farm
Nathan Forman
Oglethorpe Fine Arts & Crafts
Pam Welch and Brian Flanagan
Pat Wade
Patrick’s Pub & Eatery
Paul & Deb Luff
Paul D. Gurney
Ray Dumont
Roger Nash / Four Seasons Storage
Sarah & Yona Rose
Sean Werle and Betsy Dumont
Shannon Allan
Smoking Abbot Meadery
Stacey Evans
Stefanie Phillips
Stephen & Jae-ann Rock
Steve & Beth Zimmer
Steve Giralt
Susan and Bill Dugas
Susan Colby
Tavern 27 Tapas & Piano Bar
The Cox Family
The Family of Lance Reason
The Millea Family
The Nudd-Homeyer Family
The Nutmeg Inn B & B
Tina L Corso
Tom anb Debbie Murphy
Tom and Karen Nault
Val and Michele Karnauchov
Warren Holcomb
Wild about Wine, Winery Tours, Hampton, NH
Wild Graces
Jonathan and Carmen Lorentz
Christopher Dolan
Bridget and Jason Beane