Home Wine Making, Part 1 of 3


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Part 1: The ART of Fermentation
(part 1 of a 3-part series on advanced home winemaking)

Tuesday, March 20th
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Hermit Woods Winery
Cost: $15.00
(club members receive 20% discount, use discount code: CLUBMEMBER)

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(Minimum of 8, maximum of 20)

HW-Wine_Makin022As you become comfortable with the process of making wine, the world opens up to the infinite possibilities.  You can make wine out of just about anything.  Each ferment offers new opportunities and new challenges when you work with different starting materials.  HW-Wine_Makin043The easiest is a batch from juice, the most complicated include multiple fruits, juices, additives, staggered additions and presses.  Most wines fall in between those extremes.  As with cooking, the best wines require the finest ingredients, the most attention to details, and a fortunate congruence of place and time where it all comes together artfully.

HW-Wine_Makin074This class will go into detail on: juice and/or whole fruit, grape, fruit, honey, and apple wines, must composition, sugars, use of sulfite, yeast handling, cold maceration, aeration, fermentation temperatures, press timing, use of oak and/or other additives and more. Designed for the novice to the advanced home winemaker. Part 2 will be on elevage (racking, stabilizing, blending) and Part 3 will cover bottling.

The initial summary class happened back in January. Ideally participants will be familiar with the basics of home winemaking. 

Remember, don't forget to have fun!

Remember, don’t forget to have fun!