Facebook Live – Meet Clark Smith, Author, Musician, and Winemaker Extraordinaire

Posted 05/06/20

Saturday, May 9, 2020

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Ken, Bob, and Chuck chat with Clark and learn some of the many ways Clark has contributed to the wine industry.

Clark has been in the wine business since 1972 when he dropped out of MIT and got a job in an Oakland, California wine shop. He went on to complete the BS and MS programs at UC Davis, built R.H. Phillips in the ’90s, and founded Vinovation in 1992, providing high tech services and consulting for over a thousand wineries, originally centered around the reverse osmosis VA and alcohol adjustment techniques he invented.

In 1984 he began teaching a short course at UC Davis called Fundamentals of Wine Chemistry, which continued for 24 years and was one of their most popular courses, attended by everyone from home winemakers to seasoned professionals. In the early ’90s, he began to see cracks in the theories he’d been taught at school and began to focus on French winemaking aesthetics and techniques. 

Clark has been a guiding influence in the wine production side of the business, which, as growers, we could never navigate on our own. In 2011, he published Postmodern Winemaking. He is also the owner and winemaker of Winesmith.

During our conversation we talked about ways to access Clark’s wine and mentioned several links that might be of interest, Clark has provided those here.

Current sale on Casemates.com continues through midnight tomorrow Eastern Time.  There is a ton of conversation about three of WineSmith’s most popular and historically important projects. Here is a video of Clark telling their stories.

If NH folks have any trouble ordering on Casemates, they can get the same deal direct from the winery by phoning Sandra weekdays 9-4 Pacific Time at 707-332-0056.  We also offer free storage until you want the wine, for example when it’s cooler.

All about Clark is at www.WhoIsClarkSmith.com.  You can buy Clark’s book Postmodern Winemaking here.  Click on the winemaking link to learn more about Postmodern Winemaking.

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