New menu at Hermit Woods Deli- Now offering flatbread pizza and soup!

Hermit Woods Flatbread pizza header-Jan 2018-004

We are very excited to bring to our menu this weekend, January 20th, three new flatbread pizzas and two soups.

New flatbread pizzas

French Onion Soup Flatbread:Hermit Woods Flatbread pizza-Jan 2018-002

Wozz Triple Ale Onion*, a blend of Brookford farm fenugreek gouda* and Grafton Village 2 year aged sharp cheddar*. Simple, easy, rich, and delicious. 



Mediterranean Flatbread:Hermit Woods Flatbread pizza-Jan 2018-001

Basil pesto, fresh baby arugula, cured olives,Vermont creamery bijou goat’s cheese* and Maple brook farms feta*. Fragrant, a little salty, totally yummy. 


Balsamic Fig Flatbread:Hermit Woods Flatbread pizza-Jan 2018-003

Wozz balsamic fig mostarda*, Brookford farm blue cheese*, Brookford farm fenugreek gouda*, arugula, Del duca prosciutto*. Tangy, peppery, hammy, and a lot of fun!

*These ingredients are all produced in New England and available for purchase at Hermit Woods Deli.

New Soups

Broccoli Soup from Winnipesaukee Woods Farm

Heirloom Pumpkin Soup from Abundance Farm.


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New Release and first time offering: 2015 Deep Red

Deep Red2015 Deep Red                        $32.00  (375 ml) Club Price $25.60

An after dinner treat, this intense red dessert wine is bursting with raspberry and honey aromas and flavors and soft tannins balanced with a delicate sweetness.  Nearly a pound of locally grown, pesticide free raspberries are in each 375ml bottle.  Enjoy chilled. Un-filtered. Drink 2017-2027.

Now available in our tasting room.


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January Wine Sale!

january newsletterHermit Woods Winery would like to thank everyone for helping us make 2017 our best year ever!

Your interest in our wine has grown both in our tasting room as well as across NH and the country with sales to 37 states. Our wine was made available in the State Liquor stores for the first time this year. Our club membership has grown to over 400 members. We have added a Deli to our tasting room. We increased the capacity of our winery with the addition of a new warehouse, 16 new French Oak Barrels, and two 1,500 gallon tanks to arrive in February increasing wine production by over 80%. Lastly, Food and Wine Magazine chose our Petite Blue wine as the best craft beverage in New Hampshire!

Any one of these things would have made for a great year, but together, it represents our best year ever. For this, we have you to thank, and we can’t thank you enough!

As a small way to express our appreciation and thanks, for the entire month of January we would like to offer you:

15% off all our wine
20% off mixed half cases
and 25% off mixed or solid cases
(Club Members receive 30% off all wine)

Discounts apply to in store purchases as well as online:

A sincere thank you from all of us here at Hermit Woods!


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Annual Wine Club Holiday Party, 2017

Our annual Wine Club Holiday Party has become one of our favorite events of the year. We so thoroughly enjoyed sharing some of our most special wines with some of our most special friends, our wine club members.

Thank you to everyone who could join us for this lovely evening. We so enjoyed everyone’s company that we were remiss in capturing the event in pictures with the exception of these three. We have already begun thinking about and planning for next years party! Happy Holidays to all!Club Christmas party2 Club Christmas party Club Christmas party3


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Hermit Woods and the Lake Winnipesaukee Association working together to make the Lakes Region a better place.

Lake Winnipesaukee Association toasts successful Partnership-Daily Sun-12-2017-web

With the successful launch of our Winnipesaukee Rosé this year, we have been able to raise over $3,400 for the Lake Winnipesaukee Association and the protection of our lakes. We are very please to support such and important and wonderful organization.


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Shackett’s Brewing Company’s beer now avaiable at Hermit Woods

shackett's beersHermit Woods Winery now has Shackett’s Brewing Company’s Newfound Nutbrown Ale on tap in our tasting room deli.  With a 5.4% ABV, this beer is a malt-forward, sweet, Southern English brown ale. Northern Brewer and Fuggle hops provide a relatively low 24 IBU.

We are excited to be one of the few places outside of Shackett’s tasting room in Bristol, NH that carries Shackett’s beer. We have found John Shackett’s beers to be some of the finest brews in the Lakes Region.

If you have not had a chance to try their beer, please visit us at Hermit Woods or visit their brewery.

Shackett’s Brewing Company
30 Lake St, Bristol

They are open on Friday and Saturdays Noon to 6:00 and Sundays Noon to 4:00. Their phone number is

Shackett's BreweryShackett's Brewing Company Logo Shackett's Beer


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Hermit Woods Petite Blue: Food & Wine Magazine, Favorite Craft Beverage in NH


In the November issue of Food & Wine Magazine, Ray Isle, Wine Editor, identified his favorite craft beverages in each of the 50 states. Hermit Woods Petite Blue was his favorite craft beverage in New Hampshire.

This is not Petite Blue’s first brush with fame. In 2014, after having sampled Hermit Woods Petite Blue at a Wine event in New York, NY, Ray Isle shared Petite Blue with Kathie Lee and Hoda on the Today Show. It proved to be one of their favorites as well.

This is also not the first time Hermit Woods has been recognized by Food & Wine Magazine. Earlier this year, Hermit Woods learned that Food & Wine Magazine included Hermit Woods Winery as one of America’s top 500 wineries in their 2017 food and wine guide. This is no small feat for a local NH winery. Hermit Woods is the first NH winery ever to be included on the list and one of only two in all of New England.

I spoke with Ken Hardcastle and Bob Manley, two of Hermit Woods’ founders and they had this to say; Bob “We can’t begin to express how proud we are to be recognized by such an important national wine magazine. We have worked very hard over the past 7 years to make Hermit Woods the best it can be, and it’s wonderful to have that work recognized.” Ken: “It has been my goal since we opened, above all else, to craft the best wine we possibly can, and every year I strive to improve upon it. As Bob said, I am very proud to have that work recognized.”

Hermit Woods Petite Blue is in good company on the Food & Wine list. Also included are Ravines Wine Cellars in NY, Alchemist in Vermont, Trillium Brewery in MA, and Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware, just to name a few. You can view the complete list at–port-chilkoot-distillery-

Food and Wine Article Food & Wine-Listing Food & Wine Cover


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Hermit Woods Wine wins out over world class grape wines

Hermit Woods_Judgment_of_New_Hampshire-2017-002
On Thursday, October 26th, Hermit Woods Winery conducted a blind tasting of six wines, putting their 2015 Hermitage up against five world-class grape wines from France, Spain, Australia, and California. Much to Hermit Woods delight, Hermitage won the night. They dubbed this night the Judgment of New Hampshire in reference to the seminal day in 1976 known as the Judgement of Paris when California wines were judged in a blind tasting to be superior to French wines. 

Hermit Woods_Judgment_of_New_Hampshire-2017-011Fifteen guests attended and were given a thirty minute class in wine appreciation and scoring, and then provided with the American Wine Society 20 point scorecard and guidelines. Each wine was served in a numbered carafe and served one at a time. Guests were given five to ten minutes to evaluate each wine and score them on the provided scorecards. Scorecards were gathered and the results tallied.

Hermit Woods_Judgment_of_New_Hampshire-2017-003The 2015 Hermitage was definitely a favorite, with eight of the 15 guests scoring the 2015 Hermitage the highest of out the six wines. And using the American Wine Society methodology, the 2015 Hermitage tied for second place with an overall score of 203 out of 300 versus a score of 213 for the 2014 Michael David Syrah from California. Lastly, when asked to identify the wine that was not made from grapes, only eight out of fifteen guests correctly identified Hermitage. The following are the actual results of the blind tasting:

Wine Region Price Judgement of NH (overall score) Sored Highest Overall Identified as none grape
2013 Alto Moncayo/Veraton Garnacha Spain $24.00 179 0 0
2013 Joel Gott Grenache California $17.00 203 2 1
2015 Hermit Woods Hermitage New Hampshire $36.00 203 8 8
2014 Louise Dubois Ma Belle Chateauneuf-du-Pape France $29.00 198 2 2
2013 Mclaren Vale Shiraz-The Footbolt Australia $22.00 197 1 0
2014 Michael David Syrah- 6th Sense California $15.00 213 7 3

Hermit Woods did not go into this event completely blind. In 2016 a similar event was conducted in an informal manner with six trained wine professionals in Virginia, with similar results.
Bob Manley, one of the founding partners at Hermit Woods had this to say: “We were of course very excited about the results of our tasting; fruit wine very often does not get the same respect as classic grape wines, and the results clearly indicate that a well-crafted fruit wine can hold its own.” He went on to say “of course we also recognize that this event was done in fun and was not conducted by trained wine judges. Nonetheless, the results speak volumes.”

Hermit Woods hopes to someday hold a similar event on a much grander scale in NY or Boston, with trained wine professionals in a public forum, settling once and for all that a non-grape fruit wine crafted in New Hampshire can hold up to the classic grape wines of the world.

Hermit Woods Winery was included in the 2017 Food & Wine guide as one of the 500 best wineries in America, and their Petite Blue was selected by Ray Isle, Wine Editor for Food and Wine, as his favorite craft beverage in New Hampshire.

Hermit Woods_Judgment_of_New_Hampshire-2017-012 Hermit Woods_Judgment_of_New_Hampshire-2017-010 Hermit Woods_Judgment_of_New_Hampshire-2017-008 Hermit Woods_Judgment_of_New_Hampshire-2017-006 Hermit Woods_Judgment_of_New_Hampshire-2017-005 Hermit Woods_Judgment_of_New_Hampshire-2017-004











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Petite Blue, Food & Wine Magazine’s choice for best craft beverage in NH!

If you have not picked up the November 2017 issue of Food & Wine Magazine. Ray Isle, Wine Editor of Food & Wine Magazine, picked his favorite craft beverages for each of the 50 states. Hermit Woods is very proud to have our Petite Blue picked as the best craft beverage in New Hampshire. See below for the story and some of the other favorite craft beverages of the North East. We are in good company.

Food & Wine CoverFood and Wine Article Food & Wine-Listing


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Rosé All Day

Hermit Woods is pleased to present three recently released Rosés just in time for summer. Never before have all three of these wines been available at one time. We will be tasting at least two of them all summer long or until they are sold out. Come on in and give them a try.

winnipesaukee_rose-april-2017-004a2016 Winnipesaukee Rosé     $24.95 (750 ml) Club Price $19.96 A blend of two classic New England fruits: cranberries and apples in this rich, sweet and tangy wine.  Made with whole organic cranberries, locally sourced heirloom Kingston Black apples, and fresh-pressed heirloom cider.  Enjoy this wine chilled on its own or with roast turkey, smoked cheese, or vinaigrette salad. 10% of the sale of this wine goes to support the Lake Winnipesaukee Association. Drink 2017-2019

Strawberry Rhubarb-2015-0152016 Strawberry Rhubarb $24.95 (750 ml) Club Price $19.96. Whole strawberries, wild low bush blueberries, and a touch of whole rhubarb fermented together into a  surprisingly light and refreshing wine with a mouthwatering tang and lingering dryness.  Enjoy this medium dry wine with salads and lighter fare.  Drink 2017-2019.




Hermit Woods Wine Crabapple

2016 Heirloom Crabapple    $22.95 (750 ml) Club Price $18.36 (Limit one case per customer per visit) Considered our signature wine, this award-winning wine is made from whole heirloom Dolgo crabapples. This medium sweetness, tangy wine is a great aperitif and also an excellent partner with a wide variety of foods, including spicy dishes, light meals, and roast turkey. Serve well chilled or even over ice. Drink 2017-2019



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