Bob Manley

Bob Manley

I grew up in Rhode Island. Shortly after high school, I moved to California where I graduated from California Institute of the Arts and met my wife Jerilyn.  We continued living in California for the next 7 years, Since then I have moved to New Hampshire and pursued numerous creative ventures taking me in many fun and exciting directions.

Living in California for eleven years gave me the opportunity to learn about and explore wine to my heart’s desire.   My wife and I visited hundreds of wineries from San Diego to Northern California and even a few in Oregon and Washington.   Needless to say, this is where my passion for wine took root.  Since returning to New Hampshire my passion has continued with the discovery of the wonderful wines of New York, Canada and New England.  Much to my delight, opportunities to try wine in this part of the world have grown rapidly since I returned to the East in 1993.

In 1997, I met Ken Hardcastle and shortly thereafter, Chuck Lawrence.  We have spent many hours getting to know one another and pursuing our passions, one of which was wine; drinking, learning about, and the making of.   Before long, the three of us were making wine from grapes, other wonderful fruits and honey, and planting a vineyard.  We didn’t know it yet, but we were well on our way to fulfilling our dream of one day turning our passion into a business and opening a winery.

In 2009, the three of us, with our wives whole-hearted support, we began the process of opening a winery that would soon become Hermit Woods.   Together, we balance our many interests with the making and selling of wine.

When I am not making wine I can be found doing architectural and commercial photography and running a small boutique graphic design firm,
I can also be found traveling with my wife, exploring the world, hiking, biking, running and camping.   Life is short, together with my  family and friends, I seek to enjoy it to its fullest.