– 2016 Hermit Hard Apple Cider Release –

Hermit Hard Apple Cider BackHermit Hard Apple Cider front and back Hermit hard apple cider FINAL
Hermit Woods Winery is excited to once again partner with the NH Humane Society for the release of our 2016 Hermit Hard Apple Cider.

Join us on Saturday, February 18th
1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Sample our new cider, pick up some firewood, and adopt a new kitten or cat (depending on availability) all while supporting our local New Hampshire Humane Society. Representatives from the Humane Society will be on hand to offer information about all their programs and help you find a new feline friend.

Once again, Hermit Woods is donating 5% of the sale of every bottle of cider to the NH Humane Society.

Deb LuckeIt all started when famed illustrator and children’s book author Deb Lucke offered to design the label for Hermit Woods’ new cider. Over a year was spent working with Deb on the label design, bottle choice, and bottle closure. Deb and Hermit Woods Winery wanted to make the late Hermit of Meredith Hill, Joseph Plummer, proud, because it is Deb’s vision of him that inspired the design of our new label.

The Hermit of Meredith Woods-016For those of you who don’t know, Joseph Plummer is the famed hermit of the Meredith town forest, Hermit Woods, where we got our name. Joseph died in 1882. You can find his grave site and foundation to his home with a short hike into the Meredith forest. You can learn more about Joseph at here.

Hermit Hard Apple Cider BackDeb’s expression of Joseph starts with a silhouette of him on the bottle with “Hermit Hard Apple Cider, firewood and kittens also 4 sale” written on it. The back label goes on to suggest “Hermit Hard Apple Cider makes a fine companion when you want to sit on a stump in the woods alone. Its lively blend of heirloom sharps goes just right with fresh air and lots of thinking to do. More sociable types are free to raise a glass with whatever wildlife you choose.” The Hermit. The bottle is finished with a cork and cage as a bottle might have been finished in Joseph’s time.

Inside the bottle, Ken Hardcastle, Hermit Woods Winemaker has made his second release of this finely crafted dry hard apple cider from six

Ken-crushing apples-smallfrench and english heirloom cider apples from Apple Hill Farm in Concord, NH, fermented with whole crabapples and quince.  

With the inspiration of Deb’s design, we decided to donate 5% of every bottle of cider to the NH Humane Society. This resulted in a$597 donation with last year’s sales, not to mention finding homes for seven young kitties, including Pinot and Noir who you can now meet when visiting Hermit Woods Winery. With increased production of our cider and its popularity amongst our customers, Hermit Woods hopes to raise a lot more money for the NH Humane Society in the years to come.Hermit Woods pinot-and-noir-2